Monday, 10 May 2010

"Farlander" by Col Buchanan; ~100 page thoughts.

So, I'm over 100 pages in now, and I'll copy my thoughts from SFFWorld:

"So, I've gotten a decent way into the book, and I decided to write down my thoughts. Me and Col share two major interests; breasts and red headed ladies. However, I'm getting a little bored of almost every female character's bosom being described in some manner (along with that of a greased up king), and when a female character is described, it's actually rare for her to not have red hair. Do I think it undermines his writing? Yes, I sadly do. Col shows himself (near the 100 page mark, I think, where the book begins to improve) to be a capable writer, but he doesn't come across as having a great imagination. Another thing he's "obsessed" with is people's bowels loosening. It's happened at least three times already, and it's getting a little old. I just think some things are best left unsaid, or hinted at instead of being directly referenced.

There was a section where a character (I forget his name, I think it was Kirkus or similar) was thinking about a girl he'd had sex with, her name was Lara I think. Not that long before, Nico (one of the main characters) was talking to a girl named Lena. I had to actually flip back to verify they weren't the same character, because their names can easily be confused.

I don't really have a lot to say about the plot, as it's just shaping up. Whilst I do enjoy a good pair on a woman, as long as gorgeous, curly red hair, I think it's poor that almost every female is having her bosom described in some manner and many females are being given red hair. It just strikes me as either a lack of imagination or filling space. "

As I said there, I'm certainly gonna continue reading it. Wouldn't say I'm hooked, but I'm interested.

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